What I’m Anticipating (March 2017)

What I’m Anticipating (March 2017)

March looks to be possibly the greatest month of the year in terms of its release schedule. Every weekend of this month there is a least one major release which I am desperate to see. Despite the fact that this also means that March could be the most disappointing months of the year, I am going to be optimistic for now despite having lost a little faith in the film industry after witnessing the horror of Fifty Shades Darker last month. I will only be discussing my very top picks of the month, yet there a couple of honourable mentions which are: Get Out (17th March) Life (24th March) Smurfs: The Lost Village (31st March – I know I shouldn’t but I’m intrigued) . Onto the list.

Logan (1st March)

Kicking off the month is one of my most anticipated Superhero films of all time. Logan marks Hugh Jackman’s supposedly final iconic portrayal of Wolverine, and it looks as though it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Taking inspiration from the comic Old Man Logan, this film seems to portray Wolverine and Professor X as withered and battered men, who are lonely and damaged, unlike anything we have seen before. We are also getting the introduction to an intriguing character from the comics, a young girl with incredible abilities, which will no doubt bring an emotional level to the chemistry of the protagonists. Wolverine has had an interesting life on the silver screen. Not only are the X-Men films constantly changing quality, but Wolverine’s solo films have been…mixed. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is easily the worst X-Men based film, and is possibly one of the worst Superhero films of all time. The Wolverine a few years later was good at times but had a disappointing final act and was overall pretty forgettable. But if the early reviews are anything to go by, Logan is looking to Hugh Jackman’s finest hour as the character. With some incredible trailers, and the promise of a dark and gritty narrative with violence and swearing throughout, Logan could be something truly special among a genre that many criticise for being too boring and repetitive. It looks like we are going to get the Wolverine we have all been wanting, and I can’t wait.

Kong Skull Island (10th March)

I love the character of King Kong. He’s such a unique character in that he can be brutal and aggressive but is at heart a gentle creature. We all know how the classic Kong story goes, so I am incredibly excited to see the new direction that Kong is being handled with Kong Skull Island. Taking place in the same universe as Godzilla, (with the two meeting in a future film in 2020) Kong Skull Island highlights the issue of messing with nature, as the trailers suggest Kong to be a protector of his island threatened by arrogant humans. The special effects for Kong look stunning, with the atmosphere of the island filled with all manner of danger looking to create an incredible and enthralling cinematic experience. The sheer scale of Kong reminds me of the amazing action set pieces in Godzilla, only there looks to be a lot more of them in this film, which seems a good idea to me. Not only do the creatures look amazing, the cast of humans is unbelievable. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson – the talent here is off the chart. Let’s hope that there is a good balance of developing characters we care about, whilst also focusing on Kong as a layered character as well as a behemoth war machine.

Beauty and the Beast (17th March)

It wouldn’t surprise me if Beauty and the Beast is the highest grossing film of the month. Beauty and the Beast is one of the all time Disney animated classics that is universally loved. You know an animated film is good when it was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Iconic songs, beautiful animation and memorable characters, the original animation will live on as a classic for many more years. And from what we have seen so fat of the live action remake, the timeless elements of the animation look to make the transition onto the silver screen. I’m not going into this film expecting it to have the same quality of the original, as that would be almost impossible to me. However, I am expecting a gorgeously constructed narrative with astounding visuals and brilliant performances. Despite Kong Skull Island’s cast, Beauty and the Beast tops that in my opinion. Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci to name a few. That is a perfect line up. The musical numbers are back (I can’t wait to see how they do Be Our Guest) with some of the best songs in Disney’s history, which will certainly be nostalgic for older viewers, as well as introducing the tale to a younger generation, highlighting the appeal and power of this story. This is going to be a special film this month in my opinion.

Power Rangers (24th March)

This film could possibly be my most anticipated film of the month. I know, that sounds stupid and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if this film isn’t even that good. The trailers haven’t been incredible for one. But all that being said, it’s Power Rangers. Power Rangers was my favourite TV show growing up, and the idea of a huge budget big screen adventure just blows my mind. Telling the story of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with a slightly darker and mature tone, the idea of the film builds my excitement to a level that shouldn’t be acceptable. There’s also some notable talent involved. Bryan Cranston plays Zordon (fun fact: Cranston voiced a villain in the very first series of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so its a nice return to the franchise for him) and Elizabeth Banks plays Rita Repulsa, which fits with her unique on screen personality. The fight choreography for the actual rangers and the zords looks to be enjoyable, and the performances from the five leads (none of which I have seen before) seem to fit the roles well. I know that I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up too high and I will try to leave all expectations at the start of the film and judge it own its own merits, but at the end of the day, it’s Power Rangers, and I am unbelievably excited.

Ghost in the Shell (31st March)

Anime is a fascinating genre, one that I have never really been introduced to. The animation is stunning from what I have seen, and I’m certainly interested to see a live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson. Hopefully if the film maintains the core elements of what made the original anime so iconic amongst fans of the genre, then maybe general audiences find a successful way of accessing the concept of anime, possibly heightening Anime’s popularity and respect. There has undoubtedly been controversy surrounding the supposed ‘white washing’ of Hollywood with Scarlett Johansson being cast. Whilst it’s obvious that this has been done to make the film more marketable, her performance and action scenes look enjoyable, yet I do understand the concern. The world building looks incredible, as well as the character and costume design. The film looks to deserve a viewing on the big screen for the visuals alone. Let’s just hope that fans of the original anime are not disappointed, as well as general audiences finding a way to enter the fascinating genre of anime. Its definitely an interesting way to end the month, and hopefully a positive one.

So, with the huge releases throughout March as well as the honourable mentions, this month looks to be an outstanding example of the diverse nature of cinema. Despite the fact that I am excited for large budget blockbusters, each of them looks to have either emotional impact, or incredible spectacles that will excite audiences. How cool is it that in the space of 30 days, we get Wolverine, Kong and Power Rangers? You can’t deny, that sounds awesome. Can’t wait for this month.

Thanks a lot for reading!



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