Justice League (2017) Official Trailer #1 Review

Justice League (2017) Official Trailer #1 Review

I’ve never considered writing a review for a trailer. They’re only around 2-3 minutes long and whilst they may contain interesting imagery, plot details and characters, they are by no means a concrete representation of the quality of the final film. We’ve had amazing trailers for abysmal films (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen) and vice versa, whereby the marketing campaign does no service to the incredible final product (Edge of Tomorrow). However, in the case of Justice League (one of my most anticipated films of the year); I have some comments to make based on what we have seen, some positive and some minor concerns.

A major problem facing the DC Cinematic Universe currently is that the critical reception to their films has been ‘mixed’ at best. Whilst Man of Steel received average reviews, Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad were panned by critics, which I personally felt wasn’t deserved. But what did everyone agree about those films? The trailers were absolutely amazing. So Justice League already is facing the caution of audiences who have been let down multiple times by this franchise. Despite this, as an overall trailer, I was thoroughly entertained.

Whereas the first trailer sown at Comic Con was about solely gathering the team, this trailer gives us an insight into the League’s exhilarating adventure against the Parademons, the minions of Darkseid. The action on display in this trailer is engaging throughout, whether it is the fight between Flash and Cyborg, an army of Parademons charging an army of Amazonians, or Aquaman pummelling through the demons with his omnipotent trident. It’s honestly a sheer delight to see these comic book heroes make their true transition to the silver screen, with awe inspiring spectacle looking to take centre stage here. That is where Director Zack Snyder excels, when it comes to thrilling action that fascinates audiences. On the other hand, the CGI doesn’t seem completely finished, especially when we are first introduced to Cyborg. Nonetheless, this isn’t too much of a major concern as of yet, as we are still 8 months away from release, so there’s plenty of time to polish the visuals to perfection.

What I can say from the trailer is that Jason Mamoa as Aquaman looks to steal the show. Not only does he have the look of a brutal and powerful hero, he has some surprisingly comedic lines in the trailer, especially the “I dig it comment”. Ben Affleck looks to continue his stunning performance of Bruce Wayne/Batman (easily the highlight of Batman vs. Superman), and the new recruits to the cinematic universe look to bring intrigue and diversity to the super powered ensemble (The new human side characters look promising as well with J K Simmons portraying Commissioner Gordon)

On initial viewing of the trailer, the song choice of ‘Come Together’ didn’t click with me. Despite this, on repeat viewings (about 30- seriously), the beat and the lyrics combining with the frantic fast paced nature of the second half of the trailer blended well for me, aiding the trailer’s stimulating personality.

So overall, this trailer worked well for me. It didn’t give away any major plot details, it was awesome to the superheroes in action, and the performances look to bring the iconic characters to life. With glimpses into DC’s largest film yet, can Zack Snyder deliver his first Directorial feature that receives positive reception critically? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Justice League is released in the UK on 17th November

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