My Favourite Film Moments #2 Avengers Assemble

My Favourite Film Moments #2 Avengers Assemble

Whenever we watch a film, there’s usually a standout moment that everyone remembers. Whether it is a quote or a memorable scene, these segments undoubtedly become iconic pieces of cultural history. So I thought I would share some of my favourite film moments and why they are so special in my opinion. This time, I am going to take an example from the highest grossing and best quality superhero film ever made. Avengers Assemble (2012), possibly my favourite film of all time, contains one of the greatest and geekingly uplifting moments in a film that I have seen to date.





My favourite from this masterpiece takes place in the climactic battle of New York, where the Avengers must defend the Earth from Loki and the Chitari army. Whilst the rest of this film is basically perfect, the scene in which all six members of the team come together in the iconic circular shot is such a joyful moment whilst also being a humongous relief. For the entirety of the MCU at this point, we had only seen the Avengers in their own solo films with brief cameos from other members of the team. The pressure and expectation for this team up was monumental, as the very nature of a successful cinematic universe was unprecedented and extremely risky. Nowadays we take cinematic universes for granted (DC Cinematic Universe, Legendary’s Monsterverse and Universal’s upcoming Monster Universe). Yet in Avenger Assembles, this is the first time that we see the formula effectively portrayed.

This particular moment is a testament to the effectiveness of the solo films that came before. We’ve grown to sympathise and empathise with these characters for years at this point, understanding their huge egos and personalities that have clashed thus far. However, when the differences are put aside, the team realise that the sole meaningful purpose is defending the Earth at all costs. Therefore, the setup for what has come before is as important as the scene itself.

The character interactions and motivations are also crucial in portraying the epicness of the situation. This is most notable with the character of Bruce Banner/The Hulk. For two films now, he has been scared of himself, even to the point of hating what he has become so much he speaks of how he attempted suicide. He even refers to the Hulk as “the other guy”, as if he is desperately trying to distance himself from the terrifying beast. Yet here, after nearly murdering Black Widow and battling Thor, as well as witnessing the evil that Loki is employing upon the world, Banner realises that he must embrace his flaws. He has to accept that this is who he is, and that within what he sees as a fatal negative, there is hope for redemption. Moreover, the very line “I’m always angry” before Banner transforms into the Hulk in an amazing transition demonstrates the substance of the film that many have criticised as being just a dumb action film.

The CGI is amazing on the Hulk, as is Iron Man and the Chitari, immersing audiences into the warzone. Not only that, Alan Silvestri’s awesome score is highlighted with the incredible main Avengers theme. The slow build up is contrasted with the booming main theme as Hulk’s fist comes into contact with the Chitari ship that is heading straight for the team. The scene also articulates a sense of teamwork. Hulk delivers a exhilarating blow to the enemy, Iron Man blasts the exposed area, followed by Thor and Captain America defending Black Widow and Hawkeye from the proceeding explosion. There is a sense of fear and anger in the enemy, as the Chitari surround the team, screaming in violent hatred. And then we have my favourite shot of any film of all time.

It may not be an incredible demonstration of a long take that intricately manoeuvres its way through a sprawling landscape. Yet it simply captures the essence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s the circular shot as all six members of the team look in determination of the enormous army that undoubtedly outnumber them. Yet they draw their weapons, realising that the team that they have formed will fight to the last breath. The shot conveys a sense of excitement that no moment has matched since I first saw it in cinemas. And what truly proves its effectiveness is that I have seen this film countless time, yet whenever this moment occurs, I still get this sense of happiness and relief that it is still as tremendously breath-taking as ever.

The Avengers have now truly assembled.

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