What I’m Anticipating (June 2017)

What I’m Anticipating (June 2017)


We are getting to the heart of Summer now, meaning that the quantity of hotly anticipated films is only increasing. After a somewhat disappointing May in terms of the box office (and the poor critical reception of Pirates 5 and Baywatch), June is the month of huge risks and potentially huge surprises. With a multitude of major releases occurring this month, it looks as though there will at least be one film that people will be paying attention to.

Wonder Woman (2nd June 2017)

It’s taken 75 years, but the most iconic female superhero of all time is finally making her solo debut on the big screen in only a couple of days. What is perhaps the most exciting element of Wonder Woman’s release is the incredible praise that it has received. At the time of writing, Wonder Woman holds a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes after around 70 reviews. That is a tremendous achievement for Director Patty Jenkins, and the entire crew of the film, considering the mixed to negative response the DC Cinematic Universe has received thus far. Wonder Woman was a standout in her small but significant role in Batman vs Superman last year, and the concept of witnessing her origin story is certainly intriguing. What’s more is that the film takes place in WW1, looking to contain heart pounding action and amazing performances. It will also be interesting to explore the beautiful land of Themiscyra, Wonder Woman’s island of origin. All this elements combined with the overwhelming critical praise make Wonder Woman my most anticipated film of the month.

The Mummy (9th June 2017)

Speaking of cinematic universes, Universal is taking a huge risk this month with the attempt to reboot their iconic monster franchise, this time naming the series as the ominous Dark Universe, beginning with The Mummy. Universal sure are confident in the Dark Universe becoming a cultural phenomenon, announcing the plans for multiple entries such as Van Helsing and the Invisible Man. Moreover, when talent such as Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem are part of your cinematic universe, you know Universal has faith in the franchise’s success. However, there is a huge risk in that The Mummy has a monumental amount of pressure riding on it when it hits cinemas next week. If the film is a financial failure, don’t be surprised if many of the succeeding projects are delayed or cancelled. The trailers are definitely intriguing, with exciting action and genuine elements of impactful horror. I’m also a fan of Sofia Boutella after her amazing role in Kingsman The Secret Service (She played Gazelle with the prosthetic blade legs and Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond). But the film is facing tough competition when considering the predictable strong holdover from Wonder Woman. If the film is a critical hit, then audiences may be inclined to see it, but if not, the Mummy may bring an end to the Dark Universe before it’s even started.

Transformers: The Last Knight (23rd June 2017)

I really shouldn’t be looking forward to this film. And to be honest, I’m not anticipating to see The Last Knight because I’m a huge fan of Michael Bay’s film series. I believe the first film is genuinely good, I think the third film is pretty good, and then the second and fourth film are completely abysmal. I’m anticipating The Last Knight because I want to be there when I come out of a Transformer’s film and say “That was amazing”. The series is hated by a large quantity of people, yet the box office figures suggesting otherwise (The worst one made around $900 million worldwide!). And the trailers for this film highlight that we may be getting more of the same. Bland boring human characters juxtaposed with insane action that lacks any tension or emotion. Yes the CGI will be outstanding, and Mark Wahlberg may turn in another decent performance. They even got Anthony Hopkins to appear! Whilst the advertising hasn’t given me much hope, there is an innate element of said hope that continues to attract me to these films, just so I and everyone else can be proved wrong by Bay. We can dream right?

Despicable Me 3 (30th June 2017)

Finishing the month is the fourth instalment in the Despicable Me franchise (including Minions). And it looks to be a lock in terms of becoming a financial success. All the films in the franchise so far have produced gigantic profits for Illumination Entertainment. Whilst I wasn’t a big fan of Despicable Me 2, the first film was surprisingly touching and contained some powerful messages. But the less said about Minions the better. The minions work fine as side characters, and credit to the designer for making arguably the most marketable film characters of this generation. But on their own, they were incredibly annoying and lost any sense of originality in terms of the humour. Despicable Me 3 on the other hands looks to take the franchise back it to its roots, with the issue of family once again playing a key role, as well as an undeniably original villain. The animation looks spectacular, and there seems to be an overall feel good tone and aesthetic that looks to be a fitting conclusion to the month of June.


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